Networking email templates to accelerate your career and job search

A book of proven networking email templates to help you grow your network, build relationships and boost your career.

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In the book, there is a proven email template for every networking situation you will ever find yourself in, including:
  •     Cold emailing alumni or influencers
  •     Following up with someone you met an event or conference
  •     Getting coffee with industry leaders or influencers
  •     Writing effective LinkedIn connection requests
  •     Following up if you don’t hear back
  •     Asking an industry leader for advice
  •     Getting an informational interview
  •     Getting job referrals

Download the book

Free for a limited time

As part of a special launch offer, we thought we'd try reach as many people as possible and keep the book free during launch week.

The only thing I ask is that if you do get value out of the book (which you will, I'm sure of it), please share it with people in your network who you think would benefit from it too.

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